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National Championship 31 March 2019
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Spring 2019 Season....

17th March Beaufort, Wilts
24th March Farmers Bloodhounds
31st March Fernie
7th April Worcestershire
14th April Avon Vale Hunt
20th April Bicester, Newton Morrell

Autumn 2019 Season....

1st Sept Warwickshire
15th Sept Belvoir
22nd Sept Atherstone
29th Sept Berkeley
6th Oct Pytchley
13th Oct Meynell & S.Staffs
19th Oct North Herefordshire
20th Oct Grafton
27th Oct Cotswold
3rd Nov Essex & Suffolk

British Team Chasing


team colours
Black with the Relentless Logo
RED Rider 1: Dickie Barrett Horse 1:  
WHITE Rider 2: Rowan Cope Horse 2:  
YELLOW Rider 3: Peter Mason Horse 3:  
GREEN Rider 4: Wil Grant Horse 4:  

Team Profile:

British Team Chasing British Team Chasing British Team Chasing British Team Chasing

Team Profile:

A brief summary of the history and notable facts about the team in question
Started out as Fight the Ban, named by Ben Pauling and Tom Gittins to publicise the need to fight the hunting ban. Ben had ridden with Belinda Walkinshaw in a previous team, and the pair came up with the idea of matching good horses that had evented or raced with competitive riders. Bruce was a great example of this – a big bold bay ex-event horse he led Relentless to many of their victories and is sadly missed.

The main team organiser / captain and principal current team members
Belinda, a solicitor specialising in equine law with St-Albans based SA Law, focuses her skills on finding and training the horses these days. Former point to point riders Rowan Cope and Dickie Barrett have been recruited, along with trainer Peter Mason. Tom Gittins' brother Dougie also became part of the team as soon as he was old enough to ride in open classes and although busy studying, is a real asset with his bold riding. Wiltshire estate agent Will Grant is another regular with his bold jumping horse Ferrari and his boundless enthusiasm – he will travel anywhere to team chase, regardless of lorry breakdowns, sat nav failures and brushes with the law!

Details of other guest riders who have appeared from time to time in recent seasons
Ben Pauling is very busy as Nicky Henderson's assistant trainer but hopes to be allowed back in the team for the spring season. A great new addition is Luke Morgan, who has also ridden in point to points has taken to the sport like the proverbial duck to water. Where there are more than four riders available to run, the Monster team also makes an appearance!

Names and details of some of their best horses in recent seasons
The horses are key and Belinda spends a lot of time finding and preparing them. Mani is a real character, a former event horse well known for his acrobatics in the warm up area. Dickie has formed a great bond with him this season (although Mani still tries to buck him off before the start) and they have led around many of the events.

Coleorton Dane, a stunning grey, is a new member of the team, and has run under rules as well as eventing. Rowan is getting a great tune out of this horse and will swap the lead with Mani when required.

Bono and Philip, both owned by Dougie Gittins are a fantastic double act vying for the lead, with Peter Mason giving Philip a superb ride. Both have sadly been off for the autumn 2012 season but should be back in action in the spring.

Run for Moor and Jacko's Boy both come from Peter Mason's Gloucestershire racing yard and are a great example of the bold, fast horses that make Relentless so competitive.

Fox Grant Ferrari was instrumental in their 2012 championship round as he has been on many occasions: the big bold chestnut can jump from anywhere and makes up yards in the air.

Notable results within the last 10 years
Relentless won the national championships in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012, taking third place in 2009 and 2nd in 2011.
They also won the team chasing league in 2011 and 2012.

Relentless, Coca Cola's energy drink brand,

Relentless: 2013 Goring Hotel & Material Change National Team Chase Champions

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